Line Clearance Tree Trimming

As needs for line clearing and trimming vary greatly, please contact us about your particularly needs – municipal, commercial or private.

MA Wetlands Permitting & Advisory

The Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act (WPA) bears greatly on arboreal activities in Berkshire County. The Act & its associated regulations are clear about what activities are permitted and in what areas those activities may take place. John W. Field Tree Service is committed to following the regulations. Our professional wetlands staff is available for consultation & for permitting of all tree related activities in jurisdictional resource areas and associated buffer zones for residents requiring guidance and representation for local Conservation Commissions.

Woodlands Management & Land Clearing

Woodlands management generally refers to the selective pruning and/or removal of trees to reach an objective such as view, increased air movement, sunlight penetration, or wildlife viewing. Southern Berkshire County has significant wildlife and many beautiful views, and by correctly managing your trees you can maintain their health while enjoying the natural beauty in the area. Woods management may also be considered a part of the larger issue of tree health & can improve the safety of the woods around your home by removing deadwood or dead trees.

Land clearing is for clients looking for a building site, or to clear a large section of land for a view. Generally, all trees and underbrush are cut and removed in the area to be cleared.   John W. Field Tree Service, Inc. tree care  tree trimming

Tree Trimming