Deep Root Fertilization

Roots are a significant contributor to tree health and are often overlooked as we look “up” to our trees.  Most tree root systems extend laterally from the trunk of a tree, far beyond the canopy, seeking optimal conditions under which to absorb oxygen, moisture, nutrients, & support microbial actions ultimately feeding the tree they support.  As most tree roots live in the top 6-12” of the surface, we seek to inject both water and fertilizer within that zone using liquid fertilizer mixed in water and injected under pressure, which also improves soil pore space. Trees surrounded by turf benefit from the application of additional nitrogen every few years, because grass competes well against trees.  Soil-injected fertilization can put the nutrients just below the grass roots so that the trees benefit the most.  Predominantly water-soluble fertilizers should be generally be applied in late May or early June in the Northeast. Our fertilization work conforms to the ANSI A300 standards.